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Online Reputation Management Services:

Online Reputation Management service is an integral part of Digital Promotion. Online reputation management is managing how your customers view you and your business in the digital space. Most people form an impression of a company or products by the Google search results. They also use social media to check out what other customers are saying. With the help of ORM services India, the positive responses get promoted and negative or irrelevant ones can get suppressed, which improves one’s image in general.

Celebrity Reputation Management:

Every celebrity and famous individual desires public attention and notice for all best reasons.Their fame is a result of the support and appreciation people grant them
and is the biggest help to let their careers boost and achieve success in all stages. criticism is a degrading element in a celebrity’s career
and when available on internet can reach a vast population volume thus a negative impact on their reputation.
not only for celebrities we can also help overcome the negative reviews of the companies or service providers, hence online reputation management is essential these days
for any business to compete.
challenges are – online review sites,social networks,selecting tools.
Software tools we use:
social mention
review trackers
Google Alerts.
Online Reputation Management

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