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Case Study

Digital Marketing for ClearOne

Generate 300+ high quality leads every month consistently and mint revenue upto 2.6 crores within 6 months.


About ClearOne

ClearOne is a global market leader enabling conferencing, collaboration, and network streaming solutions.

Their products help businesses conduct various types of online meetings irrespective of where the participants of the meeting are located. Their products solve a key problem for most growing businesses by helping them reduce costs and improve productivity by providing an easier way to stay connected.

The Challenge

ClearOne wanted to digitize their operations quickly. But as a small business, they didn’t have a huge marketing budget to work with, or the in-house resource or skillset to do it themselves.

They needed the capabilities of an established digital marketing agency to help them move forward.  They felt the current website and social media presence wasn’t working hard enough, and their team needed a more robust collection of online presence to help convert prospective leads into customers.

Our Objectives

Our objectives for Clearone were as follows

To increase brand awareness and attract target audiences through search engines and social media platforms.

To find new users in the market, target them and pair exquisite messaging with images to spur their interest.

To get more people in their database that would become more active with ongoing marketing efforts.

Our Strategy

1. Social Media Campaigns

Their social media pages and business listings were out of date and needed a more professional look and some updated copy in the descriptions. Since ClearOne wanted to get more aggressive with their growth we also took a look at the options available and decided that paid campaigns investment would be most prudent.

We ran 3 campaigns for 2 of their brand products – Chat 50 and Chat 150. Two were traffic-generating campaigns and the Chat 150 campaign was targeted to increase brand awareness.

Our social media campaigns were helpful in creating awareness among the audience and connecting people from their target locations – the USA, Germany, and India.


Using traffic campaigns, conversion campaigns, retargeting campaigns, and lead generation campaigns, we derived the following results in a short span of 3 months.

  • Reach increased by 58.6%
  •  CTR improved from 0.208% to 0.221%
  •  Paid campaigns impression rate increased by 44.5%

2. SEO & Google Ads

The next step in the journey was to start advertising and bringing more traffic to the website to increase brand awareness in the marketplace. After looking at available options and weighing other considerations we decided to advertise via Google Ads.

Campaigns were set up on Google to generate traffic for searches. These campaigns were supplemented by display campaigns.


Over a 3 month period from May 2021 to July 2021, Rankraze was able to

  •         Increase direct visitors by 39.37%
  •         Increase organic visitors by 7.17%
  •         Increase average page time and reduced bounce rate
  •         Increased the overall traffic for all 3 locations



To get the best results through PPC campaigns, we at RankRaze strongly believe that routine management, consistent monitoring, and keeping up with the trends are highly crucial. In addition to this, other factors such as bid and budget management, ad copy and landing page optimization, and keyword research are vital components of a successful PPC campaign.

Overall Result:

Results have been convincing enough to expand the client’s digital marketing program and roll out dedicated landing pages for their products. Yet another hidden benefit is that ClearOne was also able to build up a solid base of re-marketing lists in its digital advertising accounts that will continue to provide an ongoing benefit for their business.