Yeka Case Study – Influencer marketing

Know how we can plug your brand into the industry's top influencers and drive more sales with this case study

Yeka Cosmetics manufacturer of cosmetics using traditional herbs partnered with Rankraze technologies for influencer marketing.


Its primary objectives were to increase brand awareness among consumers by getting influencers to highlight the brand’s core ethos as well as increase market penetration.


For the marketing campaign, we decided to choose an influencer with followers in million and who has a strong beauty and lifestyle feed to explain about the benefits of using Yeka cosmetics.

The Influencer

“Hansika Motwani” an Indian actress with 5 million followers on Instagram. We created a video of her explaining about how Yeka cosmetics products are made and how it is different from other brands.

The Results

Our influencer marketing campaigns had a significant positive impact in terms of product awareness, consumer engagement, local traffic to the site, product sales, and revenues.





This is one of the highly impressive influencer-marketing case studies that show just how much influencers can boost business. As you can see, Yeka Cosmetics had varying goals and expectations out of their influencer marketing campaigns and we were able to achieve it by finding a perfect influencer for them.

The purpose of influencer marketing can be anything from enhancing brand awareness to promoting new products. Whatever your goal is, Rankraze, by engaging with the right influencers can deliver incredible results for your influencer marketing campaign.