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What is Content Marketing?

If you have any idea about digital marketing, this definitely won’t be your first time hearing the term Content Marketing. Don’t worry if you’re still a bit confused about it. We’re here to help you.

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and refine your target audience.

A decade back, marketing was so expensive and involved more physical work. Thanks to Digital Marketing. We can now market our products and services to our target audience just by the click of a fingertip.

Purpose of Content Marketing

The ultimate purpose of Content Marketing is to provide value to your audience.

  • No matter what type of content you put out to your audience, make sure you provide immense value. Providing valuable content for free is a trick that most marketers and influencers use these days to gain traffic and customers.
  • Having a perfect niche and target audience is essential to create valuable, relatable content.
  • Creating relatable content for your audience establishes you as an authority in the subject and gains more potential customers.
  • Being consistent is as important as creating valuable & relatable content.
  • The often you post, the more present you are in front of your audience. Search Engines pay attention to all these factors to rank you higher too.

Types of Content Marketing

Content Marketing different types of content like pictures, videos, audios, documents, online resources, etc. Some of the many types of Content Marketing are:

  • Social Media Posts
  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Courses
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Presentations
  • Ebooks
  • Audio Books
  • Checklists
  • Whitepapers
  • PDFs, etc.

One thing that is common among all these content marketing elements is that every piece of content is informational, helpful, entertaining or relatable.

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Social Media Posts

Billions of people use social media on an everyday basis. Out of all the internet users, over 90% of them use social media.

  • Social Media content should be short and crisp with information.
  • Social media posts are easily shareable.
  • 91% of social media users access it via mobile phones (ease of use & ready to take action)



Blogging is an amazing way to give out informational content on your website.

  • Blogs are less formal and more relatable.
  • It increases your website’s time on page.
  • Adding internal links connecting to your other blog posts makes the visitor stay on your site for a longer time.
  • The more they read your valuable content, the more likely they are to signup for your newsletters, etc.


Visuals always have a greater impact than just words. Infographics and other image contents add great value to any viewer.

  • In a study, they found out that in a blog post, 90% of the people see the images. 100% pay attention to the headline.
  • Infographics are a great way to share information with graphs, statistics, etc.
  • Infographics help the reader to understand better without having to go through the whole passage.



Video Marketing is the present and the future of marketing. Video content can have twice the impact than of an image or audio content.

  • There are a lot of options available to create videos in a budget-friendly way.
  • Videos have a huge impact and video content gives a better understanding of your brand and your product.
  • Videos are a significant way of creating audience engaging content.

Courses & Webinars

  • Many experts from different fields are now creating courses and webinars for their audience’s benefits.
  • These type of content are easy to create and it provides great insight for your audience.
  • When people believe that you know what you’re talking about, your authority in the subject and your trust factor increases.
  • This makes it easier to get people to buy your courses and attend your webinars.


Podcasts & Audio Books

Podcasts and Audiobooks are a boon of this generation.

  • People are so used to multitasking that they’re always doing many things at once.
  • This is why marketers and other businesses & entrepreneurs need to focus on creating podcasts and audiobooks.
  • Many people these days listen to a podcast or an audiobook when they’re driving, cooking, cleaning or even taking a bath.
  • These audio contentsare more welcomed now more than ever.

PDFs & other documents

Though most of the types of content we discussed above are online-based, giving out downloadable freebies is a huge perk of gaining more email subscribers on your list. Adding lead magnets on your website and giving out content like this via mail is one proven way to increase your costumers and website visits. Some of the popular document formats are:

  • PDFs
  • Presentations
  • White Papers
  • Checklists
  • Ebooks

Why is Content Marketing necessary?

I’m sure you would have come across the sentence: Content is the King. This can’t be truer in digital marketing.

Content Marketing is the core of all online marketing.

You can have a perfectly designed website and a completely optimized social profile, but if your content is not useful to your audience, you’re out of the market.

To ensure that your audiences receive valuable content, make sure all of your content falls into one of the following categories.

  • Informational
  • Relatable
  • Engaging
  • Entertaining

If your content doesn’t make it into one of these categories, your content wouldn’t be useful or engaging to your target audience.


Why Rankraze is the Best Content Marketing Agency

Reading about all the different types of content marketing can be a little overwhelming. And we completely understand that.

You don’t have to struggle to do all this on your own, we are here to help you.

Rankraze offers the most extraordinary content marketing services in Chennai. We are here to guide you, create content for you and promote that to your perfect target audience!


Being one of the top digital marketing agencies in Chennai, we’ve helped a lot of businesses and brands create content.

Some of our key services in content marketing include

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Our expertise content marketing team will work with you on your every step and fulfill all your content needs.

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