Digital Marketing Workshop in Chennai,India

8 Modules | 40+ Advance Tools | 15 + Hours Classroom Training | 7+ Certifications

Rated as

14 Reviews | FEB 01 & 02 | 10 AM – 5 : 30 PM | Limited Seats  

Digital Marketing Workshop in Chennai

8 Modules | 40+ Advance Tools | 15 + Hours Classroom Training | 7+ Certifications

Rated as

14 Reviews | FEB 01 & 02  

About the Event

An average person sees around 3000 advertisements every day. In this digital world, people spend most of their time browsing the internet & a digital ad gains more attention than all other advertisements. More than 75% of the world’s population uses the internet every day. 

Bill Gates once said, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” This is a true story. To have a successful business or to make a career in this successful industry, you need to gain a lot of experience & Knowledge.

That’s why we’re here offering you the Best Digital Marketing Workshop. In this workshop, you will learn almost all the important aspects of Digital Marketing & have Hands-on experience in online marketing. 

Grab this amazing opportunity. Enroll in this Two-day Workshop on Digital Marketing & explore a new career or develop your business.

8 Modules in 1

About Rankraze

This two-days Workshop on Digital Marketing is conducted by Rankraze Digital Marketing Technologies, Chennai, India. Rankraze is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Chennai with over years of experience in working with many companies of varied range. We have a small but creative team who work passionately towards achieving our goal. You will have hands-on experience by learning & working on our marketing projects. The workshop will be instructed by successful digital marketers and by our team of experts.

Workshop Syllabus

  • Digital Marketing Introduction
  • Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
  • Why Digital Marketing is Important?
  • Digital Customer Journey
  • Types of Digital Marketing

  • How to buy domain & host your own website?
  • Creating A Simple Website using WordPress

  • Introduction To Search Engine Optimization
  • Ranking Factors for Search Engines
  • Types of SEO
  • Indexing & Crawling
  • On Page Optimization
  • OFF page Optimization

  • What is Google my Business?
  • How to Create a Local Listing in Search Engine?
  • Steps to verify the listing
  • Things to Check in Google My business dashboard
  • Google Reviews
  • Case Study

    • What is Google Search Console?
    • Adding site and verification
    • Submitting Sitemaps & Indexing
    • Search queries analysis & External Links report
    • Crawls stats and Errors
    • How to Set Up Google Analytics & Install the Tracking Code On Your Website
    • What is Google Analytics & How it works
    • How to Analyze Real-Time Reports
    • How to Analyze Audience Reports
    • How to Analyze Acquisition Reports
    • How to Analyze Traffic Sources Reports
    • How to Analyze Behavior Reports?
    • Visitors & Demographics
    • How to Set Up Goals in Google Analytics
    • How to Set Up Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics

    • What is Search Engine Marketing?
    • Google Adwords Overview
    • How to setup a google adwords account
    • Types of Ads
    • Google Ad words Targeting, Placement & Bidding
    • Ad words Tools
    • Creating a new text ad – Google adwords

    • Importance of Social Media Marketing
    • Trending Social Media Platforms
    • Facebook & Instagram Overview
    • Page Vs Profile Vs Group
    • How to Create a Perfect Facebook Page For Business
    • How to Organically increase Page followers & Post Engagement
    • How to create a beautiful Facebook post using Canva
    • Facebook & Instagram Advertising And its types
    • Creating Facebook & Instagram Post engagement ads
    • Twitter Overview
    • Creating Strong Profiles On Twitter
    • Followers, ReTweets, Clicks, HashTags
    • LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, Tiktok Overview

  • What Is Email Marketing?
  • Best Email Marketing tools
  • How to Integrate MailChimp with WordPress
  • How to Track Email Sign Ups with Google Analytics
  • How to Turn Your Homepage Into a Landing Page
  • How to Create an Email Campaign in Mailchimp
  • Email Analytics 5 Metrics to Track

20+ Digital Marketing Tools that You will learn in our Workshop

Who Can Attend This Workshop

This workshop is for anyone who has the spirit to learn and explore a new career. Anyone willing to restart their career / get better at a current job is welcome as well. There are no age/gender restrictions. This list is to separate the participants according to each category. Make sure you fall into one of these designations.

FEE Includes

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Become a Digital Marketing Expert

    We enable you to get 7+ Digital Marketing Certifications

    What Our Happy Clients Say

    “I gained so much information and experience in the two days. Learning through action helped in understanding the concepts a lot better.”


    “Attending this workshop was the best decision I ever made. Everything they taught helped me improve my online business and rank on the first page of Google.”


    “The certificates I got they provided gave so much recognition and added value to my career. Highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn digital marketing.”


    Yes, off course you can. Anyone who has interest in learning digital marketing can attend this workshop.

    This workshop has covers all the aspects of Digital marketing with 8+ modules along with certifications. You will engage in hands-on-practices with SEO, SMM, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, etc.

    By attending this workshop, business people can scale up their digitally to reach larger audience. They can thereby convert that audience into clients.

    Yes, you can opt to be a freelancer. Before that, you have to learn the in-depth concepts of digital marketing & experiment it.

    There is no minimum qualification required for Digital Marketing. Having a bachelor's degree is an added advantage.

    You will receive an official certificate from Rankraze digital marketing services for the completion of workshop. Apart from this We enable you to get 7+ Digital Marketing Certifications that will add value to your career.

    If you have any queries related to digital marketing Workshop, you can feel free to call us at +91 9710079798. Mail us @ info@rankraze.com.


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