Diving into ‘Whatsapp Business App’

Whats is Whatsapp Business App ?

According to WhatsApp Inc. :

WhatsApp Business is a dedicated Android app which is free to download, and was built with the small business owner in mind. WhatsApp Business makes interacting with customers easy by providing tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages.

WhatsApp recently launched its ‘WhatsApp business’ app for all small businesses globally. In simple terms, It is just a professional way of reaching out to the customers.

WhatsApp Business, is purely meant for businesses to render services, updates, support to customers that are provided by business owners.

Customers use -> Traditional Whatsapp Messenger
Business Providers use -> New Whatsapp Business App

Eg : Let’s consider Uber Taxi App
Customers use – > Uber App
Drivers use -> Uber Driver App.

So the business provider has to get two separate mobile numbers for using WhatsApp messenger & WhatsApp Business app.

Unique Features :

WhatsApp Business app has been built on top of the WhatsApp messenger, so the basic working is similar to our regular Whatsapp messenger.

One additional thing found is a new option called Business Settings.

To find it Tap the Menu Button > Settings > Business settings

In this section, we can save

1. Business name. ( Note : Business name is non-editable. add the right business name or your personal brand name while registering )

2. Business address ( Pin the business location in the embedded Google Map )

3. Business Industry and Business Description

4. Business working hours

5. Business Email ID and Add upto 2 Websites for your business.

Win-Win for both Business Provider & Customer :

1. Favours small businesses who sell products and services.

2. Increases the brand value and trust with the customers as the business provider share their working hours, business description, location, email, website, etc.,

3. Labelling of customer chats is possible for knowing about their dues and filtering.

4. Auto reply and pre-defined quick replies options are highly useful. We can set pre-defined replies for greeting/responding to the customers.

5. Helps in Separating Business contacts and personal contacts.

6. Statistics section gives insights on messages viewed by customers, to track the ‘delivery’ and ‘seen’ messages, to calculate Message Delivery Rate, Read Rate and ‘Seen’ to ‘Conversion’ Ratio etc.,

7. It is also compatible with the web version and can be accessed using the desktop just like the standard one.

Overall I recommend business providers to use this app since it is human focused business model rather than product focused. It also helps in sales and closing a deal without any email hassle.

Whatsapp has also integrated UPI based payments as a part of its application, this would further benefit businesses. So it’s definitely a blessing to Small & Medium Scale businesses.

There are endless opportunities to innovate using this app. Just move ahead and explore WhatsApp Business App.

Happy Whatsapp-ing !!

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–Blog by Divya
Rankraze content writing team