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Digital Marketing For Education Consulting Firm

How We Helped ESC Generate 4 Cr Rupees In 15 Months With Just 17  Lakh Rupees Ad Budget? 


  • Study Abroad Consulting
  • Overseas Education 

About ESC 

Europe study centre is India’s premier ISO accredited education  consulting company engaged in Students recruitment and actively  involved in the promotion of Immigration abroad. 

The Struggle 

Abroad Education Consulting is a heavily crowded market with huge  competition. College graduates see 100s of “Study Abroad” everyday. So  it’s not easy to stand out from the competition. It’s not easy, but it’s  possible. We did it. 

The Real Challenges 

  • ESC tried advertising on traditional media like Local TV Channels,  Newspapers, etc. Expensive but they didn’t get any tangible results. 
  • ESC were solely relying on Google Ads (i.e. Low hanging fruits)  which is the most expensive advertising channel on the internet. 
  • ESC couldn’t scale their business as they weren’t getting leads  consistently. 

Campaign Objective 

  • Generate students and parents leads at optimum cost.  
  • Leverage Facebook and YouTube to create brand awareness. 
  • Retarget interested people with our offer. 


  • Heavy Competition 
  • Raising Lead Generation Costs  
  • Expensive Traditional Media Advertising

The Big Idea  

Targeting students alone didn’t help ESC to get leads consistently. So we  uniquely targeted parents aged between 40 and 50 on Facebook. Lead  cost reduced by half and ESC got more leads consistently. 

The Execution 

We laser targeted parents and students separately on Facebook with  direct response ad creatives. The messaging, images, and copy resonated  with our target audience resulting in huge number leads for optimum ad  budget. 

Platforms Leveraged

  • Facebook 
  • YouTube  
  • Google Ads
  • SEO 

Transformation of ESC  

We helped ESC generate 4Cr in revenue within 18 months. This paved  way for expanding their Chennai branch and scaling it with ease. 

The Results

+ 21,000 

Leads Generate

16.81 Lakhs

Ad Spent

26.06 Lakhs


23 Million 


2 Lakhs 



Return On Ad Spend

4 Cr+ 

Revenue Generated