Facebook Ads For E-commerce 101: Everything You Need To Know

Facebook Ads For E-commerce 101: Everything You Need To Know

Apart from helping you generate traffic to your site, Facebook Ads for E-commerce can help you in generating massive sales. 

With a combination of visually attractive dynamic ads and conversion ads, you can simultaneously multiply your ROI on all multiple platforms at once. 

Facebook Ads for E-commerce retargets the leads who have visited your site but left without making a purchase. This retargeting eventually convinces them to place an order. 

One highly targeted precise Facebook ad is all you need to change your brand image forever. Let’s learn everything there is to know about it.

Know Your Audience/Leads

Not all of your leads are the same. And there’s no guarantee that you’ll convert all of your leads into sales. 

This is exactly why you shouldn’t stick to one single ad campaign. You can broadly fit all of your lead categories into three separate groups, they are:

  • Leads who visited your site but haven’t added any products to the cart.
  • Leads who added products to your cart but haven’t made a purchase. 
  • Targeted broad sector leads based on their interests, browsing habits and demographics.

Choose Your Leads Wisely

1. Leads Based On Web Activity

These are your most valuable leads. These are the people who have previously visited your website or have interacted with your products. This category can easily be converted with Facebook Ads for eCommerce. 

You can further categorize them based on the time that they’ve spent inside your website or their interests over a certain product category.

2. Leads Based On App Activity

Most eCommerce businesses have their own app and if you don’t have one, it is time to build yourself a custom-built app. Apps give you the power to track every single click of every individual user of yours. 

This includes the total number of purchases by a single user, the number of times they open your app per day etc., One can use this data to retarget the leads through Facebook ads for eCommerce.

3. Leads From Your Existing Customer List

If your eCommerce business has been in the market for a while, chances are that you’ll already have an existing user/customer base. 

This includes their email ID, name, location and order value to categorise them based on their potential. Apart from using this data, you can also target similar leads whose details match your existing customer base.

4. Leads From Offline Stores

Most eCommerce stores have migrated to the online space from their offline counterparts. 

If your online business has an offline store attached to it, you can also put your offline database to good use through Facebook ads for eCommerce. 

You can make this data far more reliable by enquiring how many of them have made purchases after viewing your online ads.

5. Leads From Reliable Social Media Sources

You can collect leads from all your social media users which in most cases would be high-intent customers. This includes users who follow you or have subscribed to you on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube & LinkedIn. 

After knowing your audience, you’ll have to customize your paid ads and optimize them individually for all your social media accounts.

Understand The Types Of Creatives

Video Ads: Ads in video format can work wonders for your brand and they are simply the best option to go with. You can optimize them separately for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for a wider reach. 

Collection Ads: As their name suggests, collection ads are a sequence of image and video ads. Collection ads are designed in a way for them to be easy for users to interact with. 

Single Image Ads: If you are retargeting a set of leads or know for a fact that a product would work, you can go with single image ads. They have clear pricing and CTA. They display the exact information that your audience needs.


You’ll have to be clear with the objective of a Facebook Ad Campaign that you’re trying to run. Once you establish your audience, their interests along with their spending potential, every other piece of the puzzle will fall into its place with time. 

Choosing one single audience category at a time and developing an extremely creative ad can prove beneficial to your eCommerce business. Facebook Ads for eCommerce is increasing sales and multiplying profits for numerous online businesses around the globe. Don’t miss out.

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