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An excellent content marketer is constantly experimenting, always looking at the latest trends, and trying to remain on the cutting edge. This way they could produce the type of content for the image and the voice of their brand new. Among the ways to do determine what works best and what does not and that’s to see what businesses are currently doing. Today, I feature some industry firms which are clearly thinking about content advertising. They know their brand indoors and out, and they use that base to push the envelope.

Many of those are from new technology and a few are only a brand new spin on old values. In either case, they’re certain to give you ideas for your own brand. Dennys Don’t be too severe – One amazing illustration of a brand that generates the truly interesting content is Dennys. Ensure your content matches the platform as well as the audience. Rolex Update that the classics – Rolex is one of these brands which could go tens of thousands of years without altering because its picture is constructed on being a trustworthy and a timeless classic.

This creates a distinctive question: Just how can you have a fresh, innovative content marketing strategy for a conventional brand? One manner wherein Rolex reconciles its classic picture with contemporary advertising approaches is by creating beautiful product images for social networking. The content which it posts has an extremely curated feel. The photography, videos, as well as editorial work, are constantly sleek and minimalist, plus appeal to a certain sophisticated lifestyle which wouldn’t relate if Rolex utilized the slapstick style voice which Dennys has. That could be too far from the image clients have of the brand. Rolex treats its articles with the same attention to appreciation for quality that clients expect from its watches.


What you may do about it: Among the lessons that Rolex has obviously taken to heart is quality over quantity, which could be difficult to do in a social network realm where you’ve to create a steady stream of articles to stay on peoples radar. Concentrate on quality. Nike Bring great client support to social network – If you are searching for a model of impeccable social network presence, look to Nike. You may also find out a lot just from that the language that the people at Nike Support use when they speak to individuals. They’re interactive, fun, and even playful.

Random House Provide endless inspiration – The book publishing business Random House completely knows its clients. Random House belongs on this list to the way which it shares articles which inspires its team members, knowing that it’ll also inspire their readers. By sharing a broad range of content their very own or that the stuff that inspiring them right now they make their audience feel included in that the creative process which the business is built around. What you may do about it: Create and publish articles that really connect with your audience.

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