Things to Remember Before Hiring your Digital Marketing Agency

Have you ever? Want to choose a Digital Marketing Agency to help lighten the workload of In-house Marketing, but don’t know what criteria to choose from? Obvious results? Or the service is so good that you want to come back to use the service again? These questions will determine which agency is the right partner for you. And in this article, we have compiled some great tips that will help you decide on a digital marketing agency faster and more pleasing.

What services does a Digital Marketing Agency offer for you?

Agencies generally have different expertise in online marketing based on their strengths, such as writing, graphics, web design. Some will be separated according to their expertise. And some will be bundled together in one agency type One-stop Service that provides all aspects related to online marketing. However, we would like to point out the main services that you will encounter in Digital Marketing for you to understand.

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SEO is considered to be the No.1 service and strategy of all time among Digital Marketing Agency services. That’s because the payoff from this strategy is worth it and definitely effective. SEO is to get your website on the first page of Google Search Engine. And the first place through creating content that matches the customer’s search term, whether writing, recording clips, blog posts, SEO

This is because search engine algorithms and web crawlers will find the link between what users are looking for in the content. And decide to order the relevance of the content to be on the top or bottom of the search results page as appropriate by using other additional criteria for consideration such as Website page loading speed, site structure Arranging the content to be easy to read, placing clear CTA points, etc.

In short, SEO is content creation that improves your website so users can find your brand more easily and naturally without spending a dime on advertising. And also gain the trust of customers naturally as well. That results in your brand being widely known, increasing Brand Awareness and Brand Loyalty as well.

Most digital marketing services already offer SEO services, but if you want to make a difference that other brands are unable to do through SEO, we recommend Rankraze, an online marketing agency worldwide that can help your online marketing and SEO to be ranked and widely known. Fill out the information to request an offer now.

2. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
The behavior is similar to SEO, it relies on using keywords to match user search queries with the keywords that you use to write that content. However, SEM has evolved to another level by It is a marketing strategy that uses paid search engine advertising to get your website linked to the top of the search results page. Also known as Pay-per-click advertising.

To use SEM, you need to select keywords that are in line with your customer’s search queries for your product/service and create Responsive Search Ads as links on the search results page. And the word “Ads” will appear at the head of the title.

3. Website design
Making your website searchable is another thing you should know about. Because it will make customers find your content faster. What should I do next? Which content is interesting? Poorly designed websites can also harm your SEO and brand credibility.

H1 Tag, Image, Loading Speed And an error-free link structure is one of the few things that add value to your website and help you increase brand sales. A Digital Marketing Agency will need you to design a website that will lead customers to different parts of your website. Flawless and end up at the point of purchasing products/services from you.

4. Social Media Marketing
Social media is another indispensable channel as well. Because the number of users that keep pouring in is increasing every day and various groups of people are using it as well. Making social media channels diversified accordingly depending on the user’s context which makes you and Digital marketing easier to reach each type of customer.

The agency will help you create the right content/advertisement for each niche audience categorized by geography or personal preferences. and present your brand to those customers in each area

The agency also runs in-depth client analytics from your social media. It helps to plan social media campaigns to drive sales for your brand and store customer data for future sales.

5. Email Marketing
It is the oldest and most official method. But surprisingly, it has the highest number of orders and engagement from this channel as well.

Sending any promotion or advertising via email requires first classifying the customer according to each email type. Then make the email to be Personalized Finally, using a human message and a clear CTA point will help reduce the time needed to maintain each email better and increase the conversion rate back to your brand.

6. Retargeting / Remarketing
If customers have purchased your products/services before and want them to come back and buy again. This helps By offering complementary products that can be used alongside previous purchases or offering promotions that relate to a customer’s recent purchase history, they attract more attention.

Retargeting will rely on the use of Third-party Cookies, small points on the Search Engine, requesting interesting information from customers to create promotions or content. The content that is made must be aimed at the value that the customer will receive. “If you come back to buy our products/services again”

7. Content Creation and Improvement
Making regular content is telling the story of the brand to customers to understand, increasing brand awareness and building a strong relationship of the brand with customers. Elevate the brand to become a value partner that fulfills the needs of customers. Content creation is another delicate online marketing method to reach customers without paying a single baht for advertising that digital marketing can do for you.

Content creation produces content that provides knowledge to customers most of the time. to answer customers’ questions exactly to the point or sometimes it is content to talk to customers to develop relationships for both parties as well.

Most of the time, content creation is done in the form of videos, blogs, infographics, social media posts, and email marketing.

8. Affiliate Marketing
This digital marketing strategy Many of you have begun to use in some organizations. It is a paid-for-performance marketing based on conversions rather than traffic. What’s more, this kind of marketing doesn’t have to be influencers only to be able to do it. Even ordinary people who have a lot of followers can earn from this channel as well.

And the pay rate is calculated from the percentage of revenue that you receive from sales which channel it comes from. The higher the proportion of income from a particular influencer channel, the higher the percentage of compensation that influencer will receive.

9. Integrated Marketing
Some digital marketing companies have now developed to the level that they can provide complete marketing services as mentioned above. It is a combination of all marketing strategies to ensure you get the best quality customers. More than finding customers “It’s all you have, grab it”, which leads to poor quality customers and sales do not move at all.

For example, an agency accepts a brief to advertise a product from a customer, so it plans to design content for this product to be posted on a blog post on social media, and hire influencers to share product review content on the channel. My own and paste a link to buy products for you. Make video clips of product reviews both on the brand’s website and backlinks, create advertisements on Search Engine, and finally promote this product to existing customers on a comprehensive email.

In this way, you will be able to advertise this product quickly with just one agency. able to communicate with customers in more suitable channels

9 Things to Remember Before Hiring your Digital Marketing Agency

1. Evaluate the brand’s budget
Before doing anything Start by evaluating your marketing budget and what areas of marketing you would most like to invest in.

Because if your only desire is to boost your brand on social media. You don’t need to spend money on improving your website or doing SEM / Responsive Search Ads, so consider the purpose of hiring an agency. Marketing goals and calculate the marketing budget before hiring digital marketing.

2. Find a candidate among the Digital Marketing Agency among themselves.
Once the channel has been selected Next, search for real people on that platform and chat to find the skills, experiences and talents that are right for your business.

So click on Google to find out which agency you are talking to is ranked in the category. For example, type “best SEO agency in Chennai” and click search, you will get the information as follows.

From the picture, you can see that the digital marketing website that appears is Primal, excluding other websites that are content agencies.

When you get the agency you want Try to look for customers who have used the service. Find out where most of the industry segments the agency has served before belong to. If your customer group is not in your industry and not one of your competitors is present. Ask them to talk about their experiences. Their aptitudes and abilities are essentially their strengths. Make it like an interview with an employee. Find the right people who fit into the organization. Because in the future, these agencies will become part of your organization.

3. Find a specialized agency suitable for your business
As a result of your marketing objectives from item 1 used as a basis to select the right agency based on the marketing techniques they use, strategies, creative advertising ideas within the framework of the online platform you set Because some agencies have different expertise in each platform. While some of you can be good at it all. depending on the skill experience and competence of personnel with

With the skills and experience that marketers have you can ask agencies for proof or portfolios to see if they have previous experience working in your industry. However, this doesn’t mean every agency has ever landed a job in your industry. If they never did Ask them how to reach the same industry as yours and how to plan your strategy in this industry based on the information you have. along with giving them an offer Package and service period for you to decide again.

4. Do background research to find credibility. find the identity of the agency
The next step is to verify credibility. History of the agency you have chosen. Start by reading reviews or successful stories of previous customers on the website. But if you want the best and reliable reviews Try typing the name of an agency on Google followed by the word “reviews” and you’ll get pure reviews from previous clients, both positive and negative. trying to find strength data Weaknesses of the agency according to the customer’s statement to see how the agency copes when faced with their own weaknesses to make decisions.

Also, check your online presence, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and other websites that appear online to help you find the agency’s identity more easily.

After searching for information including reviews, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn Website to find the identity. At this stage is to check the transparency of digital marketing.

Check out the agency’s website. If you find that the inside looks unusual, for example, the layout of the website structure is difficult to use, the design, color scheme, font look old, not updated. Information that should include certificates Missing customer reviews or agency addresses Or when using it, it feels strange. It’s possible that something isn’t right and shouldn’t be employed.

What’s more, agencies that have multiple channels of contact are a plus. Go to those channels to check when the last time was posted. If it’s been a year or no movement at all for so long that it looks strange. It’s possible that their business isn’t doing so well. Because if it’s really good, savvy marketers know that they shouldn’t let these channels leave content idle for too long until it breaks. Not building relationships with their own customers as they should and customers will eventually disappear.

After you’ve hired an agency Constantly talking to the agency, checking who’s in charge of the team, who’s in, and who’s leaving, and regularly asking them to review their marketing plans.

6. Ask relevant questions.
Finding the right agency is like interviewing. Ask the right questions and get a colleague who meets your needs. First, you need to have a clear goal for your marketing, if you find that the agency doesn’t go together, you can brush it off. So, during the discussion, be prepared with the right questions to ask the agency to make a decision.

Ask about past campaign results.
Request a portfolio or examples of past work relevant to your business. along with asking for examples of obvious results Helps to make a better decision in choosing an agency service.

Ask for information about the coordinator and the team that will come to work with.
The agency team is like an employee in your organization. Both the agency and the in-house team work to support each other. In order to build a relationship and recruit the right people to work with, it is essential to get to know one another first.

Perspectives on Understanding of Customer Retention
An agency with frequent clients means that it can provide a positive customer experience. There is a way to maintain a customer base in their own way. and focus on retention marketing

Perspectives on understanding the expected outcomes
Instant-response marketing agencies in a highly competitive industry. or highly complex without prior thought or experience in this business before. It can be suspicious of an agency that is unprepared and unable to achieve your marketing goals.

Ask what strategy will be used to achieve the set ROI.
Tell the agency the purpose of your campaign and the criteria for evaluating your KPIs. Ask them about the ROI you’ll get back. How long does it take? How much did you get back? And how much do you have to invest? What strategies will be used to reach the targeted ROI?

7. Ask for offers
At this stage, you may choose digital marketing. Keep it in the mind of many of you already. Try asking them what strategy or what they can offer that resonates with you. Then compare them with other agencies, weigh the value, the pros and cons, and choose the company that offers the most incentive and the best value for money.

Asking alone may not see the picture. Try asking them to come up with a strategy and campaign for your product as an example. Along with the expected marketing results for you to consider. In this section, you can see the quality of the campaign and how much it can reach your customers. Budget amount Determining if your agency (including agency fees) is within your reach will help you deepen your understanding of the agency’s capabilities.

And if you are looking for an agency that offers a design service and a rough idea of your marketing plan as an example, then contact Rankraze, an online marketing agency company. We do Facebook Ads, do SEO, do Google Ads . Make a marketing plan and consult with you as an example. Let you understand how online platforms work and the strategies we use. Including the rough cost for you to know And all this is a free service! Free of charge, contact us now. Just click the button below.

8. Long-Term Plan
When getting an agency that meets many specifications Next is asking about long-term online marketing development plans. Because I want to keep in mind that achieving each marketing goal is not a complete campaign release. It requires patience and time to buy customers’ minds to keep coming to buy products, so having an agency help with long-term planning will yield more cost-effective results.

Digital Marketing is a time consuming process. Therefore, digital marketing agencies typically have to constantly launch campaigns or adjust their marketing strategies in order to boost customer reach for the brand more easily. Starting from designing UX/UI websites, finding keywords, writing content, Restructure the website Contact and coordinate with Influencers when normal channels have less traffic. Keep posting on social media to know that the brand is still alive. Strengthen strong relationships with customers These are long-term marketing strategy tweaks that traditionally follow.

So it’s a big plus if the agency you’re choosing has a long-term marketing plan backed up. This will increase your peace of mind to the next level.

9. A good price is commensurate with the service provided.
Later, let’s look at some expenses based on the budget you set in the first place. About the cost of hiring Digital marketing and the price to pay for each ad shot are always something to keep in mind. But nevertheless, you shouldn’t always choose promotions or cheap packages. Just because there are too many agencies in this field, they have to find the cheapest price plus the advertisements that each agency uses to attract customers to come and try the service.

That’s why you need to consider it. Ponder carefully Weigh well between experienced agencies. Making advertisements may not be brilliant, but it’s cheap. With a reputable agency in this field that has enough knowledge and skills to get your business out of the water. But the price is also exorbitantly high. And finally, mediocre agencies are not newbies. but not as good as turning a crisis into an opportunity and getting a reasonable price Enough to make the brand widely known. If you think which one suits your needs better decide to choose And would like to end with a short sentence that invites you to think again.

“Right doesn’t always mean good. And expensive doesn’t mean it’s worth it either.”

Let us fetch to the Conclusion

Finally, please remember these 3 phrases to use when selecting your Digital Marketing Agency. 1. Selecting an agency is like interviewing employees for work. Know them, know us, and the job will go well. 2. Marketing strategies with the knowledge, ability, aptitude and expertise of an agency is what you need to look closely at. Because you may not choose an agency that doesn’t meet the KPIs. 3. Cheap packages do not always mean good. And expensive doesn’t mean it’s worth it either. Considering the budget available and the marketing goals set, you will get a cost-effective agency back.

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