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Building a Community : The Importance of Interaction on Social Media

Digital communities allow people or companies that have common interests to share their experiences, ideas and solutions

A digital community is not just a page or number of followers. It is a means that makes it possible to bring together people and companies with common interests to share ideas and solutions, experiences and relevant content. The community on social networks also allows you to optimize your communication, and thus generate greater engagement.

For many, internet relationship marketing can be a big challenge. Numbers are important, but engagement is paramount for your business. With that in mind, Rankraze Marketing selected some of the benefits and advantages of building a community on social networks.

  • Maintain a close relationship with your customers and partners;
  • Authentic and inspiring feedback;
  • Lower costs;
  • Active participation with your brand.

It is also worth noting that the community on social networks provides a channel for conversations and exchanges of experience, and thus it is possible to capture some data and information that can help in the elaboration and execution of certain marketing strategies.

What is Community ?

For many, defining this term can be taken for granted, in fact it is the first step to have a complete view of its importance and above all potential.

With the word community we mean that group of people who discuss, meet and exchange information through the internet. Being part of a community identifies that virtual place where interactions between individuals from the same community take place.

The Brand is Part of the Community

  • More and more consumers tend to idealize their favorite brand, although this approach may be a natural process, it is certainly not the result of chance.
  • This mechanism is particularly functional when the brand becomes part of a collective message in which the relevant public identifies.
  • A company that responds to its consumers and listens to the advice they have to offer will increase brand loyalty and increase sales exponentially. The better the online relationships, the higher the revenues.

The Relationship Between the Community and The Company

  • The definition highlights how the keyword is “interaction”: this term leads us to reflect on the relationship between purchase potential and community.
  • As it is easy to guess, a better interaction with individuals in the community will increase the number of interactions, the latter fundamental to induce consumers to buy. The larger the community, the greater the buying interactions and discussions about it.
  • This relational tool becomes a true content marketing strategy . Identifying your community’s target audience allows you to plan the best strategy for selling your products.
  • The creation of an interactive community leads to the storage of a greater amount of data, the latter very useful to plan a more targeted approach as possible.
  • A company, a brand or simply an influencer must know their community well and cultivate the relationship created to organize an ideal business strategy for that target audience.

Social media (social media) - what is it?

Social media have been present in contemporary reality for a relatively short time, but they have been used very intensively and have already been given numerous definitions. At the same time, due to their diversity, they are defined rather intuitively and in many ways.

Let’s start from the beginning. The term “social media” appeared in 2005 and was used to define various (new at that time) forms of media, available to all Internet users, in which the key function was the ability to create content, its reception and communication between other network users.

Let's break down the two components of this term:

The first “social” component – means ensuring the possibility of communication between people, interacting with them, but also building relationships, making friends and exchanging interests, as well as sharing and transmitting all kinds of information or news from the world.
The second component “media” – refers to the technological level on which the needs of users are met. In the traditional sense, “media” includes the press, radio and television. Media should also be called all means of communication with another person, regardless of whether they are smoke signs, the written word, spoken word, telephone conversation, e-mail message, photographs.

Social Network Manager : An Important Reference

  • To better build and manage a community, you can’t wing it; in many cases, you may encounter the boomerang effect and find all your users against it.
  • In order to have full control of interactions with the community and, in some extreme cases, intervene firmly, it is necessary to have a social media manager.
  • This figure, thanks to his marketing and communication skills, can plan in the best possible way the strategy to be adopted to increase relationships, conversations and sales based on the referral community .
  • By analyzing the data and evaluating the means available, it will be possible to improve approaches to consumers and, in some cases, limit the harmful effects.

Some Tips for Building a community on social media

Set a goal:

It is possible to use the community on social networks for various purposes, such as: promoting networking between partner companies, organizing events in general, enabling the development of sustainable business and social impact, and many other purposes.

Set rules and have people responsible for managing the community

  • The community on social networks has to be a trustworthy and pleasant space. For this, it is important to define rules of conduct, content sharing, etc.
  • Just as it is also necessary to have a management team to maintain the organization and intervene in interactions.

Set a digital channel

  • It is possible to build a community on the most diverse social media. It all depends on your target audience and your goals. So it is possible to use the more traditional social networks, such as: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • But it is also convenient to consider using messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram or even forums such as Reddit. For the most engaged, it is possible to venture out and innovate with Discord.

Define your brand culture

  • To determine the purpose and values ​​that will drive the community, it is first necessary to define the values, mission, tone of voice and what benefits the virtual community will provide for customers.
  • With the organizational culture defined, it will be possible to create the subjects to be discussed, the language used, the way to interact and moderate the community , generating a closer relationship in addition to greater engagement between consumers and companies.

Produce relevant content

  • Try to produce relevant educational content such as: interactive posts in which the customer can ask questions, polls, respecting the previous topic, that is, the brand positioning and community objective.
  • Also, keep in mind that producing content is not just talking about your brand all the time, but materials that will answer questions and inform your persona.
  • Finally, remember that it is not only consumers who seek to answer questions, but the company must constantly be looking for answers.
  • Therefore, your virtual community must provide debates that will actually add to the improvement of your products or services.
  • Therefore, it is necessary to create a comfortable and reliable virtual environment, in which the client can express his ideas without being ignored, but rather, listened to and attended to.

What are the advantages of social Media?

  • Increase brand visibility.
  • Build customer relationships.
  • Promote your engagement.
  • Improve the company’s positioning.
  • Increase traffic to other channels.
  • Build a base with loyal customers, among other advantages.

Tips for managing social media

See now the tips on how to manage and position yourself on social networks, such as:

  • Use good devices to manage social networks.
  • Choose which social networks you want to work on.
  • Set a goal for your social network and more.
  • Have good devices to manage social networks

So that you can manage social networks, you need to have quality equipment at hand, such as a good cell phone: Android or iPhone. If you’re interested in learning more about cell phones for work, check out the 10 best cell phones for work .

Depending on the type of use, a quality notebook that has enough memory capacity for data storage and a high speed internet becomes necessary. Also check out a list of the best notebooks .

Having these devices allows you to schedule posts, reply or comment on messages and boost certain publications, and even have access to reports with result metrics quickly and efficiently.

Choose which social networks to act on

  • Choosing the social networks you want to use to promote your brand and products requires knowledge of platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Tik Tok, Whatsapp, Twitter, among others. You need to understand who your audience is and how they behave on the networks, in addition to studying the mechanics of each one of them.
  • But, if you are just starting out, it is recommended that you check which social networks your competitors are on to take the first step.

Set a goal for your social network

  • It is necessary to keep in mind which marketing objectives you want to achieve in order to have results on social networks. These networks make it much easier to measure any action, but you need to define the brand’s objective; the KPIs — which are the key performance indicators — ; and a management tool to measure the level of performance and success of an organization.
  • And this will be monitored to be able to analyze the digital marketing metrics that will lead to achieving your goals. It is important not to get hung up on the metrics of likes and followers, as they are not decisive for the success of an action.

Produce content that conveys the brand message

  • Content production is a strategy that creates and distributes audio, video and text materials, such as blog articles, e-books and videos, for example, used by companies that invest in digital marketing. Factors such as originality and personalization are important to differentiate your brand from competitors.
  • Create content that showcases your company’s strengths and highlights your differentials. Thus, you will gain more visibility and distance yourself from competitors. That’s as long as your content is natural and doesn’t look like sales pitches or force.

Establish a communication language

  • It’s important that social media is an extension of your brand’s personality, voice and tone. The tone you use to write the caption of a post, for example, must always respect the way your brand converses with your audience and its characteristics.
  • If you have a younger audience, the language should be lighter, more relaxed, using memes and slang. And if your audience is made up of people with higher education, communication with them must be in accordance and so on.

Take actions focused on growing followers

  • Before putting into practice the strategies focused on the main objectives, you must know how to deal with a large audience. On social networks, there are companies with different profiles, and you need to recognize them and learn to stand out.
  • And to stand out, it is necessary to have actions aimed at increasing the number of followers in the marketing plan. This requires that you know your audience a lot, that you are different from your competitors and that you innovate in your content.

Take a stand on social issues related to your values

  • On social networks, followers identify with the brand because they like its style and values, and not because they are only looking for its products and services. People expect to know the causes your company supports, they want to know your positioning and understand how the brand deals with market issues.
  • There are several ways to position yourself on social networks and one of them is to follow the trend. Knowing the most important trends for the niche or for the brand’s culture and planning adequate communication on the subject. In this way, the company will create a defined identity and attract the most qualified public.

Post regularly to maintain communication

  • It is essential that you make recurring posts to keep your company’s social network active, as there is no point in creating a profile and not posting anything. But, you can’t post anything! Creating relevant content for social media requires strategy and planning.
  • For people to follow your brand, you need to talk about subjects that interest them, generate connection and add value to them. For this, it is important to establish a publishing routine. On Instagram, for example, it has been found that the more you post, the more followers you get.
  • Also, in addition to improving your Instagram numbers, maintaining a posting frequency can contribute to increasing awareness of your brand as a useful and valuable source of information. Which will help you build a stronger community with your audience.

Use the tips to improve your brand's visibility on social media!

As you could see in this article, social networks nowadays are increasingly inserted in the lives of people and companies to promote services and brands. They provide proximity to the public, ensuring significant growth for the projects.

You’ve also seen how to use social media to promote your business. And that there are several factors that can interfere or leverage this promotion, such as:

  • Disseminate good content on the networks.
  • Follow the indicators of social networks.
  • Interact constantly with followers.
  • Serving ads using paid advertising tools, among other factors.

I learned about the advantages of social networks for companies, such as:

  • Increase your brand’s visibility.
  • Building a relationship with customers in this way will improve engagement and build a loyal customer base.
  • Keeping up with trends is very important.

So, use all these tips to get better visibility for your brand on social media and good deals!


A community built around a brand is an invaluable resource. It attracts new customers, supports image-building activities, ensures word-of-mouth marketing and is also durable because it is based on trust and loyalty. However, it is distinguished by one more thing that must not be forgotten: the community does not have an owner. It can be built, but it cannot be possessed.

To sum up, building a brand community makes sense not only when it brings strategic benefits to your company, but above all when you are ready to open your brand to your audience and involve them in creating it on a partnership and transparent basis. Good luck!

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