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8 Tips on Effective Social Media Marketing and Branding

Today’s Digital Marketing is mainly revolving around Social Media. Social media is a kind of in-bound marketing which gives quality content that pulls people towards your company/product than the traditional out-bound marketing techniques such as Email blasts, banner advertisements, PPC etc., 

Social media is extensively used by B2C companies to promote their brand or products but now it has also become a key marketing strategy in B2B companies too.

Now a days there are a plethora of social media channels used for business such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare, Whatsapp Businessetc., They help in intensifying  brand awareness, providing extraordinary customer service, using well-aligned visuals and distributing right messages. 

For instance, imagine a ‘Shopping mall’ as a ‘Social Media Site’ were a lot of people hang out and  meet each other. Then ‘Social Media Marketing’ is like, If you can go to that mall, talk with those people around, show them your product and ask them for feedback. This makes your company and product to be easily recognizable. 

8 Tips for using Social Media Marketing:

#1 Choose appropriate Promotional Channel – Don’t sign up for EVERY social media channel, Choose a promotion channel which meets the requirements so that we get the customer base. Work out a clear and implementable plan. For example, If you are running B2B company, then Facebook might not be the best option but LinkedIn works better ! 

#2 Bring Traffic through Social Media Posts – High quality contents will help you to draw the target audience’s attention. You should insert the link of your company’s website in the promotion content in a proper way so that we can easily convert audiences into our company’s customers. 

#3 Add Visuals to your Posts –  ‘A Picture is worth a Thousand Words’, Posts with images/videos are more likely to be viewed than posts without images.

#4 Boost your website’s SEO – Through Web Crawlers, you would know whether your website  is attracting traffic constantly or if it floating out simply, alone or ignored. 

#5 Building Brand Loyalty – Customers feel a brand is loyal, if the brands have active social media profiles through regular interaction with the audience. 

#6 Engage & Re-Engage – Interact with people in your social media profiles constantly. When audiences take interest in your content, they comment or leave message. Promptly respond to their needs and connect with them. 

#7 Converting Viewers to Customers – Social Media sites spreads your brand’s messages to the viewers, which will lead to sales and make them as your customers. They can be either used as organic or paid part of you distribution channel which gives you an opportunity to get traffic, leads and sales.

#8 Use Relevant Ads & Hashtags :  When you advertise on social media, use targeted ads to directly attract your target audience. Use relevant hashtags too. 

Finally, We would like to say that, Social media marketing takes TIME. Hence invest your time over a sustained period, keep improving the social marketing strategies – Soon one day you will see the Desired Results!

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