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Data Driven – Personalised Campaigns

Are you struggling to achieve your Business goals even after employing Digital Marketing Techniques like SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing? Then, You must read this blog completely without checking Whatsapp, Youtube and all other applications that you are addicted to.
Data-Driven Digital Marketing is veering towards the corners that are not exploited to the fullest extent of this Digital Community.
The moment you heard “DATA”, you get into this thought process of Coding, Programming, Python, HTML, etc. You are deceived. Data-Driven Digital Marketing is all about orchestrating a Digital Marketing Strategy with the help of valuable Data. So now what is Data? No more definitions.
Your mother asking you to buy just 1kg of Wheat for preparing dinner, that’s Data-Driven cooking. I am not Bluffing. She knows how much rotis each one of your family is about to consume and she calculates the number of rotis accordingly. This is because she knows about every single person of your family and gives the right thing to the right person at the right time.
Now, Just like your mother, Digital Marketers want to personalize their products or services according to your need. Let me repeat it. We do our best to give users the right thing at the right time so that they feel we understand what their needs and wants are. This is simply termed as Personalized Marketing or 1 to 1 Marketing.
Personalized Marketing
Let’s see how Amazon mastered the art of personalized marketing. They collect user data from various platforms like Mobile Apps, Web browser to store it in their database. Now amazon knows what search terms you use, what captivates you, what makes you click “Buy” button. With these data, they create a virtual profile for you. With these insights, they show advertisements personalized for you. If you spend most of your money on shoes, they personalize discounts and offers on shoes exclusively.
Sentiment Analysis
The purpose of Sentiment analysis is analyzing data like customer feedback that leads to Product improvement. In this case, data is received in unstructured form. Everybody conveys their opinion in a unique way. They don’t follow a specific structure. Look at the examples below to get a clear cut idea.
Information is extracted from these data and categorized accordingly.

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