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Digital Marketing Workshop by Rankraze

Last weekend Rankraze, which is the one of the leading digital marketing company in Chennai had conducted a digital marketing workshop at crizstudio, Chennai. The following sessions were conducted by digital marketing experts Mr.Tinil Joseph and Mr.Raja Chellan.

The session began with 12 attendees coming from different places far and near. They turned out to be an amazing group of audience who were not enthusiastic learners but also an interactive and amiable group. All the efforts put into the event by our amazing team were paid off. The event was even more enlightened by some amazing speakers. On the whole, the event was a hit!

The early day of the event began by Mr. Raja chellan, elaborating the introduction of digital marketing, category of digital marketing services, the future scope in digital marketing.

The session was further carried over by Mr. Tinil Joseph, who has 9+ years of experience in digital marketing, making audience dwell into the informative session of explaining the strategies involved in SEO session.

Mr.Tinil, indeed, won minds of the group explaining in detail about the SEO keyword planner, keyword research, long tail keywords, title and description end to end SEO knowledge and many more.

After a very much refreshment break, the audience gladly got to listen to the theory classes on  Google search console, how to use the Google web master and fetching URL, Google indexing and many more. The participants were then given hands-on-training for the aforementioned topics. The group was then taught on how to start a blog to how to index in Google. The first day of the event finally got wrapped with a bunch of informative minds.

The second day of the event was kick started with Search Engine Marketing. It also discussed with the team on that how to run the advertising campaign using google adwords. How to create campaign, ad groups, ads, keyword selection, types of keyword search, audience targeting, bid strategy, CTR(Click through rate) , leads to conversion. They even showcased their work to one of our clients.


The later day of the session was effectively utilized by Mr.Raja Chellan, Director of Rankraze, on explaining about creating a website/blog using wordpress, hosting, and Google analytics.


The day finally concluded with email marketing campaign, which was performed live to the audience. The Email Marketing Campaign, explained using mail chimp marketing tool, also involved targeting our consumer through email, converting their leads into sales, email design, email marketing tools and many others.

Rankraze would like to thank the participants and lectures from the bottom of our hearts for making the event  a huge success!

Nothing would have been possible without the support you guys have provided us.

This shall be never an ending, but just a beginning. Big thanks and cheers to all!!

Hope to see you all in another such event!!

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