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Top 10 Data Science Companies You Should Definitely Try Working

Data Science roles are becoming more and more competitive. There are not a lot of vacancies available when compared to software developers. One single Data analyst is enough for a team of 4 to 9 software developers. A candidate has to have several skills and qualities to display. Experience is the only grading factor of a Data analyst. The more experienced a Data analyst is, the more salary one can get. But on the aspect of getting jobs, companies prefer freshers. Freshers with a bachelor’s degree and right skills have a high chance of getting selected. Freshers can work with a low salary and can give good returns to the company. This is an important reason why companies prefer hiring freshers. A candidate with a Master’s degree in Data Science can earn even higher. There are several job vacancies available for young Data Analysts in India. India has become a fertile ground for startups. Every day more and more new companies emerge out. There are job roles available for Data Analysts who can help their business to grow and expand.

1. Google India

There is a reason why Google is listed as the first company on the list. Information Technology is thriving all around the globe. Google is one of the ancestors of the tech community. 

Google is the most used web search engine for over 10 years. In order to make their services faster and accessible, Google has set up branches in every corner of the world. 

This, in turn, means that the job offers available in Google have multiplied over the years. Google not just recruits software engineers who are good at coding. They seek candidates from various majors. They need Business and market analysts who can increase their market shares and value.

Companies in the US and similarly developed nations, do not demand their employees to work full time in the company. They are satisfied as long as the work is done and submitted within the time provided.

Such companies, while installing their settlements and branched in India, tend to make the rules tighter. They expect their employees to be present full-time in the office. Google makes an exception in this case.

The employees who work at Google have created such a good reputation for the company. Employees exclaim that Google has the most enjoyable and peaceful working atmosphere. 

The only downside is that the requirements which the company expects from its job applicants are high. This makes the company unlikely for freshers to join working in. If a fresher manages to land his job at Google, chances are he could find the job pressure being high.

A Data Analyst at Google can earn around 5 lakh INR to as much as 35 lakh INR based on his/her experience. Google is generous in providing bonuses to its employees.

Employees who can submit more projects within the said time, earn a lot more. ₹5,89,205 is the average salary of a Data Analyst at Google. (Source: Glassdoor)

ZS associates focus on providing software and technology consulting. ZS Associates have various branches in India. New Delhi and Pune branches are one among them. Decision Analyst is a popular role that ZS Associates offers.

The company has a very good name among freshers. The company hires a lot of people with a business major to work as analysts. A master’s degree can fetch you a high paying job. For engineering fresher, the company offers a good learning environment. 

The work is challenging and the managers require high-quality output. A candidate with a vast skill set gets to work on several interesting areas. Among Data Analysts, ZS has a good brand name.

Another added advantage of working in ZS associates is the employees get free food. The company encourages a leisure working atmosphere. The work timings are flexible. Good incentives are given with an increase in expertise.

ZS Associates are generous in providing salaries. The hard work of the employees is rewarded with incentives. 7 lakhs is the average salary for a Data Analyst working in ZS Associates. With added years of experience, the employees get to interact directly with the clients.

Accenture is providing information and technical support all over India. It is a multinational company, known all over the globe. The major operating areas are consulting and strategy management. The clients of Accenture are spread across 120 countries.

Accenture has several branches across the nation. Accenture has begun to provide consultancy services to several areas. They have increased their number of vacancies over the past few years. 

The recruitment process for Accenture is quite simple. It might consist of four rounds which include a written test, two technical interviews, and a final HR interview.  

Accenture prefers to hire its candidates through campus placements. This gives a huge chance to all the freshers who graduate out of college. Accenture hires its employees in huge numbers.

The salary which Accenture offers to its employees depends on various parameters. Candidates from Tier-1 colleges will be getting a higher salary package. Candidates from Tier-2 colleges receive a low salary when compared to Tier-1 colleges.

The Salary packages for a Data Analyst fresher can range from 3.5 to 7 lakhs per annum. Whereas an employee with over 3 years of experience can earn up to 10 lakhs per annum.

Employees who work at Accenture exclaim that it has a good environment for freshers. But they recommend the employees to switch companies after 2 or 3 years.

Deloitte has a B2B (Business to Business) mode of operation. It employs candidates from various fields which include IT, marketing and finance. It is a company that has several distinctions. 

In the United States, it is the fourth largest company owned by the private. Deloitte has its headquarters in Europe unlike other companies on this list. London, United Kingdom is the headquarters of Deloitte. 

Over the years, the number of vacancies available in Deloitte has increased gradually. It is one of the well-paying companies. Deloitte in India has its branches in all major cities. This includes Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata. 

The company is looking forward to expanding. There is a huge opportunity for Data Analysts and they are one of the top requirements for the company. Just the average salary for a Data Analyst working in Deloitte can be as high as 7.5 lakhs. 

Freshers can get good exposure and the seniors are helpful in guiding them. The exposure one gets in Deloitte is huge. The only major downside of working in Deloitte would be the working hours. The employees are expected to work longer than usual.

There is no better place other than Evalueserve to work as a Data Analyst. The company focuses its entire workforce on analytics and data management. The job roles that Evalueserve offers are relatable to a Data Analyst. The major areas of focus are providing client-side support and provide them with business insights.

The company is new to the market. Established in 2000, the company is in its growing phase. They expect employees to do challenging work. But, it is well compensated and rewarded. Not to forget that the company is a part of the Global Fortune 500 companies.

The salary provided for a fresher is fair. The average salary for a Data Analyst working in Evalueserve is about 5.5 lakhs. Based on individual work and contribution, the company provides generous incentives.  

The higher salary packages provided for freshers is an advantage. The employees who work here feel like the company lacks in providing a work-life balance. The working hours are too long.

Mu Sigma focuses only on providing data analytics and visualization services. It analyses the data from companies and provides business insights. The name of the company has its origin from “Mu” and “Sigma”. It means ‘mean’ and ‘standard deviation’ which is the base for a Data Analyst.

Mu Sigma is one of the few companies with the status of a ‘Unicorn’. Mu Sigma stands out because the company has its headquarters in Bengaluru. It is an Indian based company and it is owned by the private. 

It is a good learning ground for the freshers. They get to work on different challenging environments. The employee count in the company is less. Every employee can get noticed and appreciated for his/her work.

There have been talks about the company losing its employees. The salary you receive in Mu Sigma is also less when compared to other similar companies. A Senior Data Analyst can earn a salary as huge as 8.5 lakhs. But the initial salary would below.

Fractal Analytics is a company that has its origin in India. Similar to Evalueserve, the company emerged in 2000. The company uses cutting edge technologies such as AI and Machine Learning. 

The major area of operation is in the financial sector. Data Analysts have a good chance of getting recruited because of this. The training which a fresher receives in Fractal Analytics is outstanding.

The learning curve in Fractal Analytic is good and challenging. The employees say that it is easy to switch jobs but one would not prefer doing that. But on the other side, there have been complaints about the pay which the company offers. 

The salary rewarded is far less when compared to the work. The salary packages offered starts from 5 lakhs. The salary is graded based on an employee’s experience.

Unlike any other company from the list, Gartner has a wider area of operation. They operate on various branches like IT, Customer support, Finance, Marketing, Data Management and much more. They also support HR and provide technical advice.

Gartner is a US-based company. It has branches across India in all mafjor cities such as Gurgaon and Bengaluru. The Gartner is constantly on the talk among Data Analysts. The recruitment rate is high compared to other job roles.

Gartner is regarded as an employee-friendly company. The management and the technical departments are close and work in sync. Working in Gartner as an analyst will serve as a good addition to your resume.

The Data Analysts at Gartner are well-paid. The average salary can be as high as 9 lakhs. The job environment is demanding and challenging. But the company constantly makes an effort to improve the work atmosphere.

LatentView is a company meant exclusively for aspiring Data Analysts and data scientists. The clients which LatentView serves come from all across the globe. Microsoft and PayPal are some notable mentions. The company aims to bring data and math together into business to provide the best possible solutions. 

LatentView Analytics has some of the most experienced seniors. Data Analysts who join as freshers can get valuable support from them. The company also focuses on Risk and Market analytics. 

LatentVIew Analytics is said to pay a low salary when compared to the general standards. But the training which one would receive in LatentView is good. The company promotes a constant learning environment. 

The average salary which a fresher would receive might be around 4.5 lakhs to 5.5 lakhs per annum. The salary will see several hikes within the first few years of work.

Tiger Analytics has expertise in providing advanced data science and Data Analysis solutions. The company also provides services related to Data Engineering. 

The company has several happy employees who can vouch for the healthy work culture. On the other side, there are talks that the company is struggling to get projects. The work timings are liberal until the work is submitted on time. 

The company allocates individuals to their work stations based on their area of expertise. Any skills which a candidate has is respected and put to good use. 

The Salary for a Data Analyst fresher might range from 5 lakhs to 7.5 lakhs per annum. The salary which an applicant receive is completely dependent on his/her skill set. 

With a few years of experience, the salary can skyrocket to at least 10 lakhs per annum. Not to forget that the salary for a data scientist at Tiger analytics is at least 13 lakhs per annum.


Data Analytics, on the whole, is gaining huge importance in India. Several new startups are hiring them to get insights about their company. 

A Data analyst is essential to analyze the profits, loss and progress which the company makes.

The job opportunities are also as high as software developers. The salary packages which an entry-level business. 

Analyst depends on the skills which one possesses. Data Analyst is an acquired skill. There are a variety of online courses which aspirants can learn.

It would be best if you get trained by experts. That’s why I suggest you work in an emerging firm rather than a renowned firm. For that, Rankraze Technologies would be the right place. We have an expert team built by budding engineers like you. 

So far, they have done a plethora of Data Science & Machine Learning projects for reputed firms across the globe. Not just that, we also do sentiment analysis to predict brand positioning.

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