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Why Trust is must in Workplace?

Have you ever felt puzzled why your Boss or Manager has a good relationship with one of your colleagues, but not with you? The simple reason is Trust, i.e. he doesn’t trust you. That’s as plain as a pikestaff. Let us get started to make sure you are trusted because you deserve to be.

Let me tell you a fact. According to Edelman trust barometer report (research across 28 countries), 1 out of 3 employees don’t trust their employers. Meaning, Employees feel insecure about their job due to lack of Trust.

I don’t want you to confuse and burden you with definition of Trust that’s just one click away from google.com. Let me tell you a story. At the end of the story, you will have the definition of trust and its applications registered in your mind. Here it is.

Story Time

I worked for a reputed organization in Chennai who manufacture Power Plant Equipments. I had to send a document to one of my customers only after receiving payment. My boss wanted to be more aggressive and texted me to send the document even before getting the payment (7 lakhs). I think my face flashes to him whenever he wants to do experiments.

The experiment failed miserably and backfired. Customer withheld the payment. You know what happens next. Yes, your guess is right. We had a meeting with our Super Boss aka Big Boss the next day morning. But this time, I was well prepared to bear the brunt of my boss’s misstep.

Just like a scripted story, he pinned the entire debacle on me. You know what saved me that day, TRUST. Yeah, you read it right. I had the text message ready to show it to my Super boss, but I didn’t. My boss trusted me that I won’t expose him. In return, I trusted him and accepted the blame.

He bailed me out of that situation that he put me into. With some reprimands from my Super boss, I escaped. After that incident, we both got along well. I also received a hike of 25% the following year. The quote below is what you can take from this story.

You don’t need to wear a mask to conceal your identity.

One important thing that can help you to trust and to be trusted is Transparency. Transparency is something that can be implemented and integrated into your behavior effortlessly. When you are transparent with your team, you are going to be yourself. Office feels like home and team feels like family.

Transparency is a reactive feeling. You are transparent with your boss, he is transparent with you in return. Trust starts from here and flourishes in the direction that you dictate. Leverage Transparency and build Trust.

Trust is a feeling and it takes time to build. Just like you trust google, family, friends, Rankraze, you got to trust your team, employer, boss to reach greater heights or get at least 1st rating and 15% hike.

Now, what happens when Team feels like family? Personal things come into play, Conflict arises. Within family, conflicts are resolved over time. Is it the same case for Workplace? We will be back in a week with what you are looking for.

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