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Valentines Day Marketing Campaigns – 2018 by Famous Brands

Marketing the brands on the festive season is not very new , Launching Offers and festival based marketing is there for ages and it is successful part of business world. But considering the Valentines day is not a holiday or a festival, though our young India has moved by the attraction and glam of love day – Famous Brands started capitalizing this swift towards the branding and promotion of their products.

In this age of digital world smart phone and cheap to free internet Valentines day promotion is the new age marketing strategy for major brands – These ads proves that the V-day Marketing at peak.

Cadbury silk #PopYourHeartOut campaign was a whooping success in the market.The fresh idea to pop the heart out created an impact among the major population and the celebration is felt visibly in the ad.

This is a innovative idea i would say to literally pop out the heart , and the way they did the digital promotion.

Tanishq #LoveRemains created way apart with an ad film, with the concept of ‘what remains’

It sheds the light on 7 real life people directed by Gauri Shinde. It captures the real emotions what love can bring in life. branding Quotient of TATA Tanishq comes at end symbolizes what remain forever which is excellent.

VIVO #UnlimitedLove which creates a limited edition valentines day designer V7+ mobile on the V-day.

The Visual and digital aspect of this ad stands outstanding.

Launch of special edition on the special occasion flavors the V-day with attractive design and digital ads.


Swiggy #MyValendine its an attractive appetite for love

This campaign of love with food delivery makes the good choice.Offer which run from 11th to 14th matches the person who have the same/similar food will be shown in micro site which is completely optional ,Through this campaign we even helps to find the matching tastes and helps build love.

Hot Star Premium #YourKindaLove

This Campaign perfectly suites the range of service Hotstar is providing vs different love exist in the modern society

The content created and the promotion linked with valentines day is a good idea

These 5 ads are the most interesting form of digital and seasonal promotion which goes viral and create huge positive impact on the brand. #Branding

Rankraze wishes all a happy Valentines day, The day to celebrate love.

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