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Bigdata technology enhance Digital Marketing

Until Digital era the role of marketers is just constrained to creating ads for print medias,display banner or video ads broadcast on television channels. But now with the evolution of technologies like data-analytics, data-science, machine-learning , artificial intelligence. Marketing has gone to a new level and bigdata has became a boon to digital marketers, with the evolution of bigdata solutions like hadoop, MapR, behavior and interest of the customer can be accurately visualized and identifying the right target audience can be made straightforward. Sentiment analysis of the customers using the products can be efficiently classified and negative reviews can be converted into positive reviews over period of time.

Adobe analytics or google analytics has gone to an extreme intelligence through its machine learning capabilities. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC) and Content Marketing already using bigdata content online to enrich the selection part of it. Data analytics is a service where the customers can get the clear picture using dashboards and dynamic reports.

Data Visualization tools will effectively improve the quality of your campaign, It will give the actionable insight out of the whole data available.

Real time customer Insights will help the marketing team to respond the customer needs based on the factual data of the customers like the salary, age and other demographic information. it can be used in all paid ads and ecommerce selling.

Predictive analysis can be done based on past occurrence future planning can be done. Rankraze acquired the caption
data driven digital marketing which holds good enough where the marketers could look at the past and pick the one that has worked well.
Data analytics is not expensive and hence it can be used as a service to give more insights to the business.

Marketing automation are the need of the hour with the help of artificial intelligence and we are on step closer to it!! with the help of online bigdata lets create a viable options to all business to succeed.

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