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Digital Marketing for ILY

Industry  - FOOD

About iLY

Ily is a food company selling patenteddry flour mix which makes the life of many women easy in India

The Struggle

There are many companies in the market selling idle/dosa batter and to make ily dry flour stand out in the crowd was a challenge but we did it and made ily dry flour part of people’s lives.

The Real Challenges 

Campaign Objective 

The Big Idea  

Targeting people with posts was not sufficient we had to make people understand the ‘How to’ and for that, we decided on bilingualvideo advertisingand created short videos explaining the ‘how to’ of the product.

The Execution 

Our target audience was housewives and working professionals and with help of Facebook and YouTube we were able to target our audience and got good results

Platforms Leveraged

Transformation of iLY

We helped iLy in creating the ‘know-how’ about the product. We got 3000+ ily app installations in a month and close to 2,00,000 views for our bilingual video ads

The Results


Leads Generate


Ad Spent






Revenue Generated